• Is Master Moran’s pressure point system the same as George Dillman’s system? The short answer isno.  More specifically, George Dillman’s system is based on traditional Chinese medicine and its associated nomenclature (chi meridians, five element theory, point names associated with organs, etc.). Master Moran’s system is based on western medicine and utilizes a very simple and easy-to-remember point naming and numbering system.
  • Are the pressure points in Master Moran’s system the same as those in systems based on traditional Chinese medicine? The short answer is yes and no. That is, many of the points are the same, but some are different.
  • I like to see knockouts. Why doesn’t the Bushido staff perform knockouts on their tapes? I’m skeptical that I could use the techniques to knock someone out.Whenever an instructor on one of our tapes says that a particular technique, properly applied to a specific pressure point, will result in a knockout, he is telling the truth. As a matter of policy, the Bushido staff does not perform knockouts on any students or seminar participants because of the possibility of serious injury or long-term damage to a person’s health.
  • I have purchased other pressure point tapes and found that I could not replicate any of the techniques that were shown. How do I know that I will be able to pull-off the techniques you show on your tapes? Although our customers have had great success in replicating the techniques shown on our tapes, if you have any problems or questions, simply dial             617-489-4025       and Master Moran will personally help you.
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