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Be Ready at all times!!!

all 6 sharp shooters (4)Sharp Shooter Keychains (1)Titano

Sharp Shooter Keychains (2)all 6 sharp shooters (6)Sharp Shooter Keychains (4)

Prepare your home

1. Create a list of potential places to keep sharp shooter keychains  and phones to call 911 make sure to place them were you can get to them in a hurry.

2. Make a list of ways to escape your home if there is a intruder in it. Make sure your escape route has sharp shooter keychais and cell phones placed along that escape route

3. Purchase door and window alarms they are not expensive and this in most cases will prevent a intruder from entering your home.

4. If there is a intruder in your home get your sharp shooter and  Keep your sharp shooter keychain in your hand then pull it out to extended position, be ready to use it.

5. Practice your escape plan and make sure to watch the Instruction DVD that comes free with your Sharp Shooter Keychain.

Understand that you have the right to defend yourself and your primary goal is to escape the situation unharmed. You can order a Sharp Shooter Keychain from BUSHIDO PRODUCTIONS

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Self Defense Keychains…WE KICK ASS!!!

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